How it began...

“It is not enough!” thought a couple of Pakistani liberals who had attended the International Academy for Leadership (IAF) after their return from Germany. It is not enough to have learned in Pakistan and Germany for just one’s own

development . “We have to give back to our society what we learned. We have to do our bit for the betterment of country. We have to offer solutions to the challenges facing our country. We need a platform to do that!”

In 2006 these like-minded liberal friends came together and brainstormed as
to how to go about it. The solution was clear- a network! A network of all those who had attended courses of the IAF come from all regions of Pakistan, all kinds of professions, all spheres of life. A network allows throwing together resources for a definite point in time and space. In a network liberal minded individuals will be free enough to breath, to engage, to deliver. No other form of organisation would have been useful. But a network would enable people in the future as well as the present to connect across all regions, branches and spheres. Thus, FreedomGate Pakistan (FGP) was born. 

And from that moment on FreedomGaters come together each year in an annual Alumni meeting [link photo gallery]. Each year we conduct several workshops on important topics.

Furthermore, we publish our ideas in newspaper articles [link FreedomGaters Corner], in blogs [link FreedomGaters blogs], and in books [link publication]. There is more to come – and as liberals we are open to any idea! 


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