About us

IAF Alumni 2012 in MurreeWe are FreedomGate Pakistan (FGP). We are FreedomGaters. We are the avant-garde of liberalism in Pakistan. 

We are Pakistanis. We are women and men. We are liberals. We come from all regions of the country. We belong to all religions. We work in all professions.

We want to be proud of our country. We want an open-minded, hospitable and modern Pakistan being rooted in its positive traditions.

We want that all our fellow countrymen and women can live a life in dignity. We want freedom and prosperity for all. We want a democratic renewal of leadership based on merit and performance.

We create space for the individual. We train and groom others and ourselves as responsible citizens. We offer solutions to burning questions.

We are the modern and liberal Pakistan! You can join us – attend our workshops and then based on your talent and performance as a full member!


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