From Family to dynasty?

Anthropologists argue that a family must not be defined by consanguinity: also affinity or co-residence can make people to affiliate. “Blood” could be metaphorical and people affiliate due sharing ideas and living in the same place – and because of benefits: Families serve different functions: orientation, socialization, economic as well as political functions are immanent purposes. Family structures might also effect religious and state institutions.


FreedomGate Pakistan, the alumni network of the International Academy for Leadership (IAF), is about to form a family based on both affinity and co-residence. Living in Pakistan and sharing common views for a liberal democracy based on equality and freedom with self-responsibility the network is about to form a family. Enlarging on one hand, closing ranks on the other the so far loose network gives slowly, but sustainable the feeling of being member of the same family. Regardless age, gender, profession, religion these Pakistanis – liberal in their views and persuaded that they contribute to the betterment of the country – are the avant-garde for positive changes in society and politics.

On occasion for socialization and closing ranks occurred recently when Dr. René Klaff, Regional Director South Asia of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, bid his farewell in Pakistan. Klaff, also Resident Representative in Pakistan 1995–1999 leaves for his new assignment for the foundation in Sofia. Triggered by his last official visit to Pakistan, FreedomGaters gathered in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. There, they got to know better the distant or sometimes unknown “relatives” of their family. Thus, the awareness of being member of the same avant-garde reinforces the family feeling and enables even more future effects on the society by FreedomGate activities.

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