Vision & Mission

Develop yourself!

Always can be found in the most intelligent humans the most
liberal and in the most uneducated the most radical.

Sully Prudhomme (1839–1907)
French Poet and first Nobel Laureate

FreedomGate Pakistan (FGP) is a network of free, equal and open-minded Pakistanis. Here, our members get a chance to develop themselves to excellence. FreedomGate Pakistan is a platform of committed citizens who work for a peaceful and progressive Pakistan. FreedomGate Pakistan is the avant-garde of the enlightened philosophy of liberalism in Pakistan.

FGP members, also called FreedomGaters, develop their skills, and leadership abilities through seminars, workshops and skill trainings – as participants or trainers. FGP offers a variety of topics and skills related to society and politics. To enhance your knowledge, to open your mind and to sharpen your saw, FreedomGate is the network in Pakistan to link with.

Raise your voice!

The first thing to do in order to assist universal freedom is that
we strive to become as free as we are able.

Friedrich Naumann (1860–1919)
German Philosopher and Politician

FreedomGate Pakistan uses all media to reach out to Pakistan’s intelligent citizens: Only in a free country with equal rights, each and every single individual can enjoy his or her life. To protect human and citizens’ rights, to enforce rule of law, to increase freedom and space for Pakistani people, the strong personalities of FreedomGate raise their voices for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Be yourself – lead!

There is nothing noble about being superior to some other
man. The true nobility is being superior to your previous self.
Urdu Proverb

The vision of Qaid-e Azam, the wish of the people of Pakistan, your personal dream will become true – but it requires thorough leadership to bring Pakistan to that point. It is easy to blame others but hard to take responsibility and be a true leader. FreedomGaters are leaders – they have learned the art of leadership, to be role models in their jobs, society and politics, not to play blame games but to prove their mettle.

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