Muhammad Safdar

Strange, wonderful and admirable aspects
of Traveling to Germany and learning through, LOVE, SYMPATHY, INFORMATION BY INSPIRATION & knowledge with love on POLITICAL LEADERSHIP,
At Gummersbach, 20-----27May2012
It is unbelievable for a grassroots level person to get the Visa of Germany without any expenses. It is all due to the blessing of God, Who has created great people on earth to win his blessing to serve the men, who are downtrodden,Miserable,Marginalized,have no reference to fulfill their dreams in day light. A day came when great men of FNF GAVE ME A GREAT NEWS ,that you are selected for GUMMERSBACH TO ATTEND A SEMINAR ON ,POLITICAL LEADERSHIP ,was overjoyed, but my heart and mind say to me ,do not dream in day, brain has a solid & compact opinion about the person who gave me this news, I think he is angel in the shape of man. He is very honest, transparent, dedicated, and committed to his work. He has humble and forgiving spirit. Gentle in behavior and affectionate in conduct. He is very courteous with week and needy. He is noble, kind hearted and righteous man. I always follow his high values of Morality. He is a guiding star for us.
The day came when I received the Passport along with stamped visa of Germany, and other relevant documents for making travelling more comfortable & convenient. All confusions and doubts have gone and I was ready well to travel for this very informative, learning, constructive and productive trip.
I was received at DUSSELDORF air port by Academy, after a few hours with two other fellows; we were our way to GUMMERSBACH, after one and half hour we were at the reception of IAF. In a short time we became friends. I got the key after registration and straight towards my room through lift at second floor, room no.203.
As you know Seminar was too held in Gummersbach (IAF) GERMANY FROM the time seminar was stared in the evening. All the participants have to gather in the lobby for introduction in a very amusing way. After the introduction of moderator and director of academy, and also some instructions were given about the full weak. Moderators adopted a very nice way to introduce every participant with eachother that they soon become friends, and looks like a family members, every one talk to every one in a very lovely and friendly way. There was a problem with Russian with language, but interpreters solve it nicely. After a very delicious dinner, I went for sleep to refresh myself for the next morning.
May21, it is my pleasure to tell you that total 21 participants from different 17 countries were participating with their country flags to make this Seminar, memorable and distinguish, because seminar hall fully furnished and ideally seating arrangements. Perhaps it will not justice if I would not to tell you that the atmosphere of Gummersbach is very ideal for learning, just like the Heaven on Earth. Its calmness, greeneray and cool climate enchants us very much.
Then moderators began to tell us about Good leadership.
Good leadership can increase voters. Specific characteristics of leadership, to develop our own leadership quality. Problems of liberal leader, if people rule, no role of leaders. Why we need political leadership, we need leadership to solve the problems of people.
Current problems, Environmental, Lack of understand of liberal values.Education, Poverty, Corruption and favouritism. Ability to deliver, Manipulation of constitutional powers.
Democracy is a tool. Evolution of power not devolution of power for a leader. It was very insightful to hear the varied opinions and have an occasional debate or arguments on certain aspects of leadership.
Leadership is the intelligent use of power. LEADER HAS TO BE STRATEGIST. Leader has a broad view of society. Leader has to be result oriented. Every one share about his experiences about leadership. Their arguments and opinions have a complete different perspective, which made it interesting for me to hear different people of different countries.
The collective thoughts and opinions from rich brains of different people from different countries made this seminar very fruitful and attractable. The rich history and experience made the discussion lively and filled with different experiences.Also, the varied experience levels also resulted in a vide range of inputs to the discussion.
Values of leader; Broad vision, Transparent, Concern for others, Dynamic personality, Communicator, Face trial manfully, Integrity, Honesty, Commitment and simplicity. We must transform these values in behavior.
When I was thinking about my country leadership keeping in mind these values, only got shame. When visited Dusseldorf parliament and opportunity to meet them, these moments were very unbelievable for me, they are very simple and have a strong commitment with their country and people, and have no army of servants to carry their luggage and they don’t have BULLETPROOF CARS. They really look community servants.
I strongly believe that the demise of states comes when leaders listen only to the superficial words and do not penetrate or look deep into the souls of the people. T O HEARS THE UNHEARD is a necessary discipline to be a good ruler.
One thing more which I want to share about the progress and prosperity of Germany. When I was doing eye shopping in kolone ,we entered(with friend SOLLY from S.AFRICA) a shop, because my friend wants to buy a shaving cream, as we step in the shop a cute innocent girl asked ,may I help you? Solly said that he wanted a shaving cream for face and head, She replied that had only one piece, but does not know that it works for both, face and head, she went to senior to inquire about its functions and came back, she told us that it is only for face not for head, it shocked me for a while, then I understood the cause of their progress, prosperity, is lie in, truth, Honesty. I really very impressed by this behavior and comparing with my Muslim country, how they are implementing practically the basic values of life, and we as Muslims shrouded in the shroud of, Dishonesty, Hypocrisy, deceiving and cheating others, and due to that carrying a begging bowl every time. Shame, shame.
Diverse opinions from different country men clutched me with spirituality. Peace, tolerance, gentleness and humility-basic values of life whose significance has been rapidly stressed by the sages and prophet of the world. To nurture these values, to practice them, and to adopt them wholeheartedly in life, is what is known as Spirituality.”Spirituality” is not a name of a few religious dogmas.Infact, there is no room for dogmatic assertion in spiritual life.
Now I have a strong spirit and aim to work for the promotion of “Equal rights for all” & Equal opportunity for all, keeping in mind to strengthen the Individual with responsibility.
So all in what I learn from this Seminar? As usual, for me, it was the’ softer’ hidden side in the form of social interaction that gave opportunity to discuss to greater depth the realities of my fellow participant‘s individual work and realities in their countries.
The cafeteria and the bar was the setting for many a discussion that were motivating and insightful and most of all an opportunity to learn about the reality of countries often unfairly portrayed in the media.
The seminar will help me to plan well to clutch the people with basic values and principles of life, which are the tools of ,Prosperty,progress,gentleness,selflessness,humility,Integrity,Transparency,Self accountability, tolerance, peace, patient, brotherhood and welfare for all. We have been finding alternative policy solutions to the many social issues. The seminar helped me to think beyond the current policy alternatives and suggest better views on the participatory role of Government and the general public in various issues confronting with the community.
(FRIEDRICH NAUMANN) When I was representing my presentation on the promotion of liberalism, some one criticized me and asked me not to give brief introduction of the Hero of the world ‘Friedrich Naumann and FNF, But I always feel pride to describe about their deeds ,action ,thoughts and great work for all without any discrimination. Here also,
(FRIEDRICH NAUMANN) IS A MAN OF HIS TIME (was for dead, is for alive, He lives in the hearts who love for all and want to remove hatred from this world) you know we love him and all his team deeply. The proud humbleness of his character did not permit us tell him what his gallantry, composure, warmth, and fullness offered to us personally or how noble he was in the discussions and the battles of our public lives. Or how much greater his existence was than his results still greater than his public success. His greatness did not lie what he wanted but rather in how he wanted it and how he pursued his goals.
No doubt he is a great hero of this world and the coming
The standard of the participants made me raise my discussions to a new level and made me more aware of the realities we face in the globalized world. The very different perspectives and opinions have also helped me put myself in other persons’ shoes to understand a situation better.
The content of the seminar itself also made me realize the correct meaning of a political leader. I see myself making an effort to replicate the seminar with the sole purpose of raising awareness and getting more participation from the Youth in the area of Politics. I hope to stimulate a similar level of discussion among the community of Pakistan.
I shall look back on this seminar with found memories and look forward to keeping in touch with knowledgeable & valuable participants, with email, via face book and personally share stories of our time of seminar in the great academy.
I want to say a warm thank to every body of the academy, which provided me atmosphere more comfortable than home, we were like a family members. A great place of brotherhood and sacrifice. It served as the place to cement the bonds of friendship started at the, LOBBY, (MAY20, 2012) Cafeteria and the discussions of the seminar.
At last a warm deep thanks you! To Arno keller & Tauseeq Haider for facilitating the seminar and to ,Sonke Hillebrandt& Jorn Torben Krieger for assisting us with smiling face & friendly.Last but not least.A huge thank you to the all staff at the academy for making the whole week very charming, Memorable, Consructive, Productive, Informative and meaningful for me.

Yours sincerely,
Muhammad Safdar, Pakistan.
Participant of “Political Leadership”, 20.05.-27.05.2012 at Gummersbach, Germany.

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